Negligence And Google's Duty Of Care

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Negligence is when someone acts carelessly and another person gets hurt, or property is damaged, because of it. Google has a duty of care to the people who use their map app, it is responsible for making sure that person arrives to the place they need to be and they make it there okay. Google has the ability to give safe routes and notice when something might be wrong. Due to this Google is held liable for anyone who uses their app and is in danger during the way. This case falls under negligence and Google’s “duty of care” to it’s users, in this case Google failed to keep the user safe and is now wanting to be sued for the damages.
Google vs. Lauren Rosenberg. Everyone knows Google, it’s been around since the start of the internet, it’s
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The map had taken her to a highway, known as Deer Valley Drive, the highway had no safe walking places for someone who would be walking along the road, generally people don’t walk down the highway they drive. However Rosenberg decided to continue down the path because it was what the map had told her to do. Unfortunately while on her walk she was hit by a car and encountered injuries. Rosenberg is now attempting to sue Google and the driver who had hit her. She claims that Google should have warned her that there were no safe paths to walk down on the highway. Lauren Rosenberg is sueing for more than $100,000, however Google is asking the supreme court to dismiss this lawsuit do to it not being their fault she was injured on the highway.
“The court said that the company didn’t owe Rosenberg any duty because it didn’t have a direct legal relationship with her. Among other reasons, the court found that Google’s mapping services offer considerable value to the public and that allowing the litigation to go forward could open the door to “nearly unlimited liability” for Google. Indeed, a finding against Google might turn the company into an insurance carrier in effect, with all sorts of aggrieved drivers and accident victims suing the company for faulty information or
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This being said it was like a rough draft, it works but it still doesn't pick up on all the small details of an area especially if it’s a rural area. I believe that Google is not at fault because Google is there to give you a guide of where to go, it doesn’t insure that things could not go wrong. Of course in a more advanced and better version of this new feature Google would be able to aware it’s users of safe walk places but as of now a warning was given that it’s just a draft for now. As previously stated the woman should have used her sense to and noticed that she was walking onto a highway with no proper walkway. Now in the future it would make sense if they told Google that they can no longer use their beta version of the “walking feature”, I think that that would be an appropriate “punishment” to
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