Negligence in Reporting the Jewish Holocaust

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The Jewish Holocaust, one of the most horrific mass murders in human history, took place from January 30, 1933 until May 8, 1945. Hitler blamed the Jewish population for Germany’s downfalls at the time, and his anti-Semitic views eventually led Germany to create a complicated scheme of Jewish extermination. Over six million Jewish lives were lost in this mass murder. America, usually portrayed as the country that lends a helping hand to all nations in desperate need, did absolutely nothing to aid the vulnerable Jews. America entirely neglected the Jewish Holocaust, did nothing to prevent the catastrophe from worsening, and strongly opposed publicizing these issues in its media. Auschwitz, the most well know and inhumane of the death camps during World War II, is an eternal representation of the Holocaust. Auschwitz has come to signify the unthinkable horrors of Nazi ruling and the major failure of U.S. government to take precise initiative in preventing the murder of millions of innocent Jews. The State Department received an urgent report delivered by representative of the World Jewish Congress, Gerhart Riegner, in August of 1942. This secretive report revealed to the American government that the Germans were taking an active role in implementing a system to entirely wipeout European Jews. Stephen Wise, President of the Jewish Congress refused to pass this information on to its proposed audience, and insisted on a delay. America strongly lacked the necessary attention and

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