Negotiating Across Borders Assignment 2

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MGN448 Negotiating across borders-Assignment 2 INTRODUCTION Dragon World is going to build their theme park in France, which area occupies some areas of three cities, Micardie, Trambrai, and Soullens. This negotiation was between two parties, French mayors and Dragon World Company. Our group represents French side. The purpose of the negotiation is to settle the issues to another party, including financial demands, press release, visa and employment, community planner and permit. I am one of mayors, Micardie, and negotiate issues of financial compensation and press release with other party. Financial compensation 3 million without payroll tax Reached our target point Press release Community planner Dragon World pays for it Reached Visa & Employment Extension of 2 years Reached our resistance point 6000(French workers including 600 unskilled workers) /8000(in total) Reached our initial point Permits 30 days paid leave and public holiday Reached our initial point 7 working days for processing the documents of Dragon World Reached our target point ISSUE- Financial Compensation  INTIMIDATION I started asking another party’s opinion about the Disneyland Paris which situation is similar to the Dragon World’s in order to make them feel guilt that they are do. Intimidation tactic was used to make opposites think that they are offensive to us so that they will cope with the issues of “guilt” instead of talking about the basis based on facts for the negotiation.

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