Negotiating Conquest By Miroslava Chavez Garcia

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Negotiating Conquest is a scholarly work written by Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, which analyzes women 's roles in history, and discusses how the political system has affected their roles. It covers the period between the 1770 's to the 1880 's, the periods before and after American Conquest. Likewise, this book is divided into two sections, chapters 1-3 discusses "Women in Spanish and Mexican California," and chapters 4-6 discusses "Women in American California." This work analyzes the major ideas present within each period and how it affected women 's roles and power. The time and effort put into this book, is something that the author enjoyed, calling it a "labor of love." Overall, she then claims that her purpose in writing this work is to, "honor and recognize woman of all ethnic backgrounds, social classes, and regions, who established households, nurtured and reared families, and rose above personal adversity in societies that often ignored, overlooked, and rendered them invisible." The opening chapter of this book discusses the role of women in the Californian provinces, and the problems they faced just because they are women. One of the major problems that women faced at this time, was the constant sexual abuse by Spanish soldiers. The soldiers raped women of all ages and hurt anyone that tried to stop them. During these acts of abuse, venereal diseases, such as syphillis, would be past along to the Native Women and then across their missions. This disease soon became

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