Negotiating For Your Employer?

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Negotiating for Your Employer “Culture” can be defined as the beliefs, customs, behaviors, traditions, skills, etc., of a group or of a people. Though culture may be transmitted from generation to generation, it is often dynamic and changing.”(Toma, p.3) The bigger the company, the more diverse it may become. As companies grow, the various cultural within the company grows amongst the employees. This opportunity will enrich the atmosphere at work, as well as, bring about cultural conflict. The differences among cultures sometimes result in stereotyping, boundaries over stepped, ignorance, unethical behavior, and many times a division within the company. The employer must ensure that the differences between the employees to not…show more content…
This type of conflict can be good and bad. As long as it is resolved properly, it can be a rewarding experience for the company. When cultural becomes a complication in the workplace, the best negotiation strategy is for the people within the company to collaborate. Everyone must take the time to recognize that we are all different and that we all have different perspectives. By collaborating everyone gives up something to come to a common ground. Realizing that different countries negotiate various ways will be beneficial to all companies. In most most culture, there will always be a collaborator, an accommodator, a competitor, a avoider and a compromiser. The tradition in China is reading the Art of War and following it as a negotiation tool throughout life. China prefers to handle negotiations during lunch
In Indonesia, negotiation take longer. It is common for the negotiator to agree to avoid conflict with the opposing party. Dealing with two different tactics that are very different can be quite frustrating. However, becoming aware of how certain countries respond or react will make business transactions run smoother. These two countries negotiate differently. However, it does not make one cultural superior to the next. Knowing this information about the culture ahead of time brings incite on who needs to sit in on what meetings. It also says who needs to be the negotiator depending on the situation and
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