Negotiating On Integrative Bargaining Overall Strategy

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Introduction The aim of this negotiation plan is to negotiate on integrative bargaining overall strategy. The purpose is to resolve the issues and reach an agreement on the 5 remaining issues, as it has been ongoing for on numbers of meetings. In this essay, integrative bargaining will be the overall strategy for the management. The negotiation issues strategy for the issue of increase of wage and roster will be creative compromise, following with issues of training and contract duration are concede and finally work place committee is contend. The purpose of using this strategy is that, hopefully to reach an outcome of win-win situation where both parties walk out as winners. This creates value for employees and management making both parties happy and work in harmony. Body The most critical issue for this negotiation is to agree on the roster because this is the highly complex issue and sensitive issue where it is hard to create an integrative bargain (Tracy 2013). Furthermore, the goal is to reduce or eliminate the overtime hours which can be difficult because of workers having to change roster causing financial disadvantage to employees, also the need for management is flexibility to cope with summer and winter overtime. Goal helps negotiation to be on track (Calhoun & Smith 1999). In addition, the strategy chosen is creative compromise. Management would choose the 1976 hours a year, however the employees will obviously be choosing the 76 hours over 2 weeks. The

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