Negotiating Salary For Achieve A Successful Outcome

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Negotiating Salary to Achieve a Successful Outcome Introduction Negotiation is a complex process. Fells (2009) defines negotiation as “a process where two [or more] parties with differences which they need to resolve are trying to reach an agreement through exploring for options and exchanging offers” (p.3). For most employers, salary negotiation is standard and expected. For the prospective employee, negotiating a salary and benefits package requires knowledge of negotiation tactics and an understanding of his or her desired outcome. Furthermore, effective negotiation requires the negotiating parties to adapt his or her tactics and approach to the environment (Korobkin, 2014). Negotiating salaries is unique because the stakes are…show more content…
As part of the product development team, Joe was exposed to senior leadership and his work left a positive impression on the senior executives. The permanent job offer extended to Joe was for a position on the product development team. Joe was interested in working for RR, but was very interested in a position on the business development team. He had to make a decision on whether to accept the offer with the hope of being able to move within the company. Additionally, although it was a good offer, Joe wanted to negotiate some of the terms. Salary Negotiation Process Salary negotiation is typically the final step in the job recruitment process. This interaction is important because it allows the employee and employer to explore information gaps and it sets the tone for future interactions (Porter, Conlon & Barber, 1999). A successful salary negotiation benefits both parties and potentially sets the tone for a long-term relationship. A win-win solution is an important outcome and an integrative negotiation strategy should be used so both parties can achieve their goals. According to Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, (2011), “the goals of the parties in integrative negotiation are not mutually exclusive and one party’s gain is not at the other party’s expense” (p.62). Joe Tech and RR Salary Negotiation To understand how to negotiate a
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