Negotiating With The Dead By Margaret Atwood

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Negotiating with the dead
We all use writing differently, some use it just to get a grade. Others use it to express themselves. We all have a different perception on writing and how we do it. I took a look at Margaret Atwood 's Negotiating with the dead and found out you can learn, express yourself and have fun while writing.
In Margaret Atwood 's Negotiating with the Dead, she describes writing from a personal standpoint, we all write in our own way. It also shows we have that we have positive and negative sides to writing. She describes writing in different ways to show how many writing styles/ideas there are. The best examples that distinguish writing are taking risks, express yourself and amuse/please the reader. These play hand in hand because you have to take risks in your writing, and you don 't know if people will like it or not. In all the pieces you write, you have to express yourself in some type of a way. To amuse/please the reader you have to try to connect the text with the reader 's personal experience. You have to make the reader understand and appreciate your writing when he/she is done reading your piece.
Writing is a way in which people express themselves. We write for fun, for popularity, and for practice. Practice makes perfect, so we practice writing in school. We all have at least had practice through grade school. Also, we practice writing for the real world when we have a job, because we all need to learn how to write in a formal way to our

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