Negotiating a Divorce for the Kids

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Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”! 1 Negotiating a Divorce for the Kids Keller Graduate School Abstract Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”! 2 Conflicts are a part of everyday life. These conflicts are solved through negotiation. The most important element of effective negotiation, is preparation, preparation, preparation Divorce negotiations can be very stressful and highly emotional especially when kids are involved. These negotiations can also be complex because they mix both personal and business issues. Divorce negotiations, by definition, means that you should not go in expecting to get everything you ask for. You and your spouse are negotiating, which means there is a middle ground which the two of…show more content…
They also disagree on how the assets should be divided. The parties to the negotiation include John, Mary, their four children and Bill, their business partner. They must negotiate custody for the children, division of the assets, support payments and J & B Images. Running Head: I SAID, “IT’S FOR THE KIDS”! 5 The Negotiation: Planning your strategy Before beginning the actual negotiation process you and your spouse should decide when and where to negotiate. You should also make a list of the issues to be negotiated and what information and documents you will both need to bring to the negotiations. Meyer, (n.d) It is hard work negotiating a divorce settlement. You must be willing to act like adults, which can be hard to do if there is animosity and hurt feelings. For the negotiations to work you and your spouse must be able to talk without arguing, be honest and open with each other and be willing to give as well as take. You must keep in mind that negotiations are about the legal issues involved in ending your marriage. They have nothing to do with the emotional issues. Leave your emotions at the door or your efforts at negotiating will be fruitless. You must: be civil to each other. • Leave the reasons for the divorce out of the negotiations. Do not use negotiations as an excuse to rehash the problems in the marriage. • Be willing to allow your spouse to speak without

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