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Negotiation Case Study Planning/Strategy During the like roles meeting Tim and Jeanette discussed different approaches to the negotiation. Tim and Jeanette, as environmental league negotiators, were only concerned with two of the many issues scheduled to be discussed. These issues were the industry mix and the ecological impact. The team decided to set their opening and target for the industry mix at all clean. The reserve for the issue was set at clean/dirty. The opening and target for the ecological impact issue was set at improve. The reserve was decided to be maintain/repair. The team also noticed that in order to approve a proposal they would have to meet at the very least one of their targets and the other issue would have…show more content…
This strategic move caused some conflict and was only supported by two negotiators. Harborco?s first proposal was not approved. Harborco?s second offer to the environmental league negotiator was clean/dirty and maintain/repair. This offer yielded forty seven points, which was not enough to win Tim?s vote. During the last proposal all the negotiators were able to approve the proposal except Tim. This angered Harborco and was almost ready to accept the total proposal without the environmental league negotiator?s approval. After a brief discussion between Harborco and the other negotiators Ben agreed that Tim would have to be included in order to reach pareto optima. Tim and the others finally agreed on clean/dirty and improve for the two outstanding issues. After the proposal was approved by all, the negotiators went through their options to make sure there were no other possible ways to gain points for the entire group. This procedure is called post settlement-settlement. This would almost guarantee the group a third level pareto optima. During debriefing, it was discovered that the group indeed reached a third level pareto optima. Lessons Learned There were a few valuable lessons learned during this successful negotiation. The lessons learned were most obvious to the group after the debriefing session. These lessons were: · How including all negotiators in an agreement can easily boost the results to a level of pareto

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