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| What’s in a Name? | Major Negotiation Case Based Exercise | | MGX5630Principles of negotiation | | | I will tell you the mistake you are always making. . . . You draw up your plans the day before the battle, when you do not yet know your adversary’s movements, or what positions you will have to occupy. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE FRENCH EMPEROR AND GENERAL This negotiation role-play case analysis was performed during on campus classes held at Monash University on Friday 24th Feb 2012, as part of the subject Principles of Negotiation. The informational structure of the case was divided into common information shared between two groups consisting of three negotiators each. In addition, each group was given its own discrete…show more content…
Negotiators should be willing to accept any set of terms superior to their BATNA and reject outcomes that are worse than their BATNA. The BATNA of the City Negotiators was for the City to pursue legal action to repossess the stadium and the surrounding land based on the University’s violation of the City’s right to name the property as specified in the Bill of Sale. Secondary options were available to the City to coerce the University to submit to the City’s needs. These included implementing various other non legal recourses such as: 1. Refusal to sell land outside memorial park. 2. Refusal to demolish existing facility. 3. Veterans Picketing. It is important to note at this point that many negotiators seek to negotiate a deal from the perspective of trying to get what they want. This perspective can be limiting in optimising the outcome. It is just as important to understand the interests and motivations of the other party. The need and the desire of the parties to transact will dictate whether a deal can be done and on what terms. Both parties in this situation ranked high in both the need and desire to transact, not only from the perspective of the ongoing relationship between the Veterans, City and University, but also due to the immediate concerns surrounding the donors funds for the University and honouring the Veterans through the naming of the Stadium. A key element of the situation assessment was
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