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Negotiation Webster University PROC 5840 Negotiations 17 April 2015 In life there is always some type of give and take amongst others. Some exchange may be beneficial and some can be regretful. This is all the same with negotiation, either is to negotiate a divorces decree, price of a new home, or a NFL or NBA contract deal. The world today is full of negotiating situation in and can be executed at any given time. There two common characteristic of a negotiation or bargaining situation. Negotiating parties have separate but conflicting interest. For example, a homeowner may want to sell their house at the highest price possible. While the buyer want to pay as little as possible for…show more content…
This siutation was a win-lose strategy that I’ve encounter. I had to scarafice more time and expend more money for gas that I didn’t planned for. I have yet to inspect or pay for this vehicle and have already faced two type of negotiation strategy. Once I arrive at the buyer location, we greeted each other and spoke about other issues prior to gettting directly to business. I believe this brief conversation set the stage for our negotiation. I wanted to see what type of mind state he was in and I’m sure if he doing the same with me. We hit it off real well, since we had similar hobbies of riding motorcycles. Once we were done talking about our hobby, we started talking about the vehicle. However during our hobby conversation, I was already checking the vehicle out and was already preparing question to ask. I asked questions such as what was his reason for selling the vehicle and if their was any major repairs needed. Their were a few minor issues with the vehicle that I was willing to over look because I knew I could fix it. I pointed out a few concern I had and the seller was quick to give me an explanation for every detail about the vehicle. I already had my mind set that I was buying the vehicle for his asking price. Then the buyer decided to reduced the selling price to $1,200.00 dollars to compensate for me having to drive the entire way to pick up the vechile. He accommodated me by reducing the selling price of $300.00 dollars. His action
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