Negotiation Is A Process Of An Agreement

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Negotiation is a process in which two parties work toward an agreement, which is mutually acceptable – both sides are comfortable with the terms. Al-Khatib, Malshe and Sailors , have defined negotiations as “a process of potentially opportunistic interaction by which two or more parties, with some apparent conflict, seek to do better through jointly-decided action” (2009). We negotiate in our daily lives as well as in business. One negotiates when collaborating with a co-worker on a project, purchasing office furniture or bargaining with a car sales representative to purchase a car. It is essential to understand the process of negotiation to avoid being intimidated by a person or persons who are not bargaining with deceitful intentions. The communication between a negotiator and the other party is the foundation of successful negotiations. Understanding the needs and concerns of the other party facilitates the negotiator in identifying a favorable outcome for both sides.
When individuals are negotiating, both parties typically assume that the other participants are remaining on high ethical ground.
However, when faced with resistance from an opposing party who is demonstrating less than ethical standards, a negotiator may recognize his own ethical standards of negotiation. Burr, (2001) noted that the observance of the law is the least that is expected from parties in negotiations. Parties bargaining should do so in good faith and divulge all applicable information

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