Negotiation Is An Art?

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Introduction Negotiation is an art. With many facets at play, it is nothing short of psychological war between two parties or more; and all share the intention of being on the winning side. The quote “may the odds be ever in your favor”, from the movie The Hunger Games, always comes to mind when I negotiate. No matter the situation, the quote holds true because negotiation is a constant tug-of-war for these favorable odds. In a recent meeting with my boss, John, him and I sat down to negotiate a possible increase in my hourly wage. I was being underpaid for my duties, and he knew so. Employed for five months prior to this meeting, I was becoming more and more agitated each day with this low wage; urging me to finally take action. I work on the golf staff at the country club in my hometown. Our high membership numbers prove to me that the club is quite the lucrative venture, yet I am getting pad the absolute minimum amount allowed by the law. There are over three hundred members, and all are billed a high monthly fee, so this agitation has risen steadily as my tenure progressed. For this paper, I will take an in-depth look at the negotiation that took place, the lead up prior, as well as discuss the many other facets that were involved; let’s take a look. The Negotiation Process Before I reveal the outcome of our meeting, it is necessary to first understand the two types of negotiation; being distributive and integrative. Distributive negotiation is when there is a clear
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