Negotiation Is Defined As A Discussion Among People Whereby

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Negotiation is defined as a discussion among people whereby all the individuals involved play an equal role in contributing ideas so as to reach a common conclusion with benefits to all. Emotions can define as feelings and accompanying thoughts which arise due to one’s circumstance, mood or even relationships with others. Emotions are usually universal and cannot be ignored or escaped. Emotions help in fulfilling many important functions, from enhancing decision making, to motivating actions, to providing people with important information about the surrounding environment .Negotiations usually bring up several emotions which can lead to very severe irrational behavior. These emotions play a very important role in negotiations for it to…show more content…
("The Role of Emotions in Effective Negotiations", 2017)
When emotions in a negotiation a well understood they can be used properly so as to achieve a success. For example, the positive emotions in negotiations can be used in a more benefitting way by helping the deal move forward. Understanding emotions in negotiation helps in navigating a blind spot and prejudices and may also equip one with self-control. Emotions in negotiations usually delay the process because for instance when emotions run high in a negotiation the negotiators may be forced to take the break and this may make the negotiation to take more time as it was expected. ("The Role of Emotions in Effective Negotiations", 2017)
Also, emotions in negotiations may lead to prolonged discussions which otherwise could have taken short time. For example, when the negotiators are filled with anger it may difficult for them to agree or settle on a particular deal easily and this may make them take a lot of time discussing the same thing. Emotions also delay the negotiation process as sometimes it may bring about mistrust among the negotiators. This means that it will not be possible for the individuals to trust the information given by the other and hence this may negatively affect the results of the negotiations negatively. Emotions also may affect the results of the negotiations because for example if a negotiation is filled up with anger it
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