Negotiation Jujitsu

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What if They Won’t Play (Use Negotiation Jujitsu) Getting to Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In By Roger Fisher and William Ury Vikas Singh Ed Hill What if They Won’t Play • Theymaystatetheirpositioninunequivocal terms • Concernedonlywithmaximizingtheirowngains • Theymayattackyouinplaceofattackingthe problems Three Basic Strategies • What you can do • What they can do – Negotiation Jujitsu • What a third party can do – One Text Mediation Procedure Negotiation Jujitsu Three Basic Maneuvers • Asserting their position forcefully • Attacking your ideas • Attacking you Don’t attack their position, look behind it • Neither reject nor accept the position • Treat it as one possible option • Look for interest and principles…show more content…
ask you a few questions to see whether my facts are right?” • Statements of fact can be threatening, questions are better • Phrasing info as questions allows open participation • Lays foundation for agreed upon facts “What’s the principle behind your action?” • A principled negotiator neither accepts nor rejects other side’s opinion • Leads other side to search for reasons • Negotiation continues on principle “Let me see If I understand what you’re saying” • Principled negotiation requires good communication • Other side more likely to listen and be more receptive “Let me get back to you” • Good negotiator rarely makes important decisions on the spot • Timeanddistancehelptoseparatepeoplefrom problem • Goodnegotiatorscomestotablewithcredible reason for leaving • Allowsdiscussionwithconstituents(Paul) • Freshcommitmenttoprinciplednegotiation “Let me show you where I have trouble following some of your reasoning” • Present reasons before offering proposal • Proposal first will often lead to other side not listening to reasons – Considering counterproposals “One fair solution might be .” • Proposal not as yours, but as fair option • Proposal not as only solution, but one fair solution “If we agree ..If we disagree .” • Try to make it easy for other side • Trickiest part is to communicate the alternative – Use of third party – Creates distance, thus, separation of people from problems • Don’t always reveal BATNA “We’d be happy to see if we can leave
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