Negotiation Lecture : An Issue For Finding The Situation Where Mutual Acceptance Will Happen?

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Negotiation lecture:
When two or more people/parties having different needs and objectives involves in discussion of an issue for finding the situation where mutual acceptance will happen. This negotiation skill is very important in day to day interactions and transactions which are formal like negotiating conditions of sale, lease, delivery of service and different legal contracts. Through these negotiations there are better relationships. Through this future problems and conflicts are removed and give quality solutions instead of short term solution in which parties are not satisfied. (Baron, 1988).
Debate exercise
When working with any size of group, divide it into two halves, negative and affirmative. Then do sub division of each of this group like first affirmative and second affirmatives. Select a topic and assign to student or student can choose by himself. Half of affirmative speakers get up in turn and one single argument will be presented. Another exercise is taking a blank paper and instructs the student to write down the three skills through which they can become a debater. (Hershye, J.C. 1988).
Your preparation for negotiation exercise
It is obvious that preparation itself is very tough negotiation exercise. If the case is with yourself and you are negotiating alone, then sufficient use short preparation check list is enough. By using systematic approach we will make sure that one can ask question by him that what I should be addressed. There are some…
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