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Negotiation functions to resolve problems that conflicting parties are experiencing. Just as there are many different conflicts and people involved there are many different styles of negotiation that negotiators will use based on personal predisposition or because they think it suits the situation. Researchers have developed a list that presents the main five different styles of negotiation and they are: competing, accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, and compromising (Spangler). To have a successful negotiation, we must understand the styles of negotiation that a negotiator is using. Styles of negotiation each brings with them their own characteristics, goals, and tactics the negotiator will use during a conflict. When we understand the style of negotiation a negotiator is using we will have a better understanding of how they will try and proceed and what their main objective is. The competitive style of negotiation is typically characterized as a“win/lose” (Hocker and Wilmot 255) scenario or goal. When a goal is clarified as a situation in where there is only a fixed amount this makes people divide what is available and at times dividing it evenly amongst others is not possible. This prompts people to seek out competitive tactics and negotiation to satisfy their goals. Another influencing factor that prompts people to choose a competitive style of negotiation is interdependence and whether it is positive or negative. Negative interdependence means that the parties

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