Negotiation Notes On Negotiation Strategies

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Final Term Paper
Seminar 6
Courtney Williams
PPM 321
Negotiation Strategies
Prof. Kurt Brandquist
August 6, 2014

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Negotiation 4
Types of Negotiations 6
Historic Negotiators 10
President Kennedy & the Cuban Missile Crisis 11
Conclusion 17
References 19

Negotiating is something that has been around since the beginning of mankind. We all start off negotiating as little kids, even for little things such as candy and toys. When we grow up, negotiating becomes sort of the norm. We negotiate consciously and subconsciously every single day. When you think about it, negotiation takes up most of our lives. We are always trying to see what we can get as a benefit without giving up much. It always comes down to the pie, how big is the pie and who can get the biggest slice. As we become adults with careers, there are ever some that become flat our ‘Negotiators’. This means that all they do for a living is negotiate. They are master negotiators and are praised for being so. When it comes to negotiation, persuasion is also within that talent. You have to be able to get what you want from people without them feeling like they are being taken advantage of and that they are also getting just as big a piece of the pie as you are getting, although in reality they are not. Negotiation Negotiation is all about a strategy. The end result is usually to end a problem that someone is having, whether it is personally or…
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