Negotiation Plan-Casino Essay

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I. What Happened:
A. Multiple Stories
a. What is my story?
i. I am a programming manager of a five person team that writes computer programs. There are six other programming managers. In the past, I have only worked on children’s games which do not hold the same level of prestige as the adult games in the company because the adult games produce more revenue and have more extensive marketing. ii. During a brainstorming session, I came up with an idea for our company to create a game that people could play over the internet, everyone liked the idea and decided on a gambling team. The Vice President of programming, Jamie Jackson, allowed my team take over the project. iii. My team worked grueling hours on
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My Intentions:
i. My intentions are to be treated fairly. I want to express to Jamie that I have worked really hard on the Casino project and feel as if I need to be involved in the decision making process of that project. ii. Do a good job on the project. I worked countless hours working to prefect this project, and feel as if I deserve some encouragement. iii. Also, I do not think that I should be paid less than the men or only receive projects for children’s video games because I am a woman.

b. Impact on Me:
i. At first I really enjoyed my job, even rejecting another job that was offered to me. However, after these signs of discrimination and unfairness have come to light, I do not feel as comfortable with my job as I once did. ii. Due to Jamie’s lack of encouragement, I feel unappreciated. iii. I also feel discriminated against, due to the fact that I am being left out of the boy’s events and paid less.
c. Her Intentions:
i. Have the project done successfully? ii. Find a solution that will benefit everyone in the company? iii. Give everyone the projects in which they will be the most successful?
d. Impact on Her:
i. In a tight spot with wanting to get the game right, but trust my judgment? ii. Disappointed that the game was not received as well as she had hoped?
C. Contribution:
a. What did I contribute to the problem?
i. I haven’t expressed my issues with the problem or approached Janet before now. ii. I have not
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