Negotiation Planning 5

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Negotiation Simulation: Alpha-Beta
Team: B

ABOUT YOUR TEAM 1. What is your overall goal?
Our topmost need is to attain greater scale economies in production by significantly boosting overseas sales of robots. We especially want to develop a presence in the currecnt small but rapidly growing Alphan market. We choose this goal since it is SMART. We focus on a specific goal that developing a presence Alphan market. If we can get stable sales channels and attain a considerable profit within 7 years, we will say the goal has been reached. Moreover, our company has decided to collaborate with Alpha Inc. and we have made some tentative agreement during the past five months. Thus, it is realistic for our
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During the negotiation, we will only talk about the details. The negotiation may be repeated several times to make a final agreement. During the repeated negotiation both Alpha Inc. and our company should understand another’s feelings and positions to get multiple gains.

2. Can you trust the other party? What do you know about them?
We can trust the other party since we have contacted with each other and made some discussions in the past five months. Moreover, Alpha Inc. has the desired technical competence, industrial marketing expertise, service network, quality control, distribution system, general management and business reputation.

3. Does the other party trust you?
Yes, we have made some discussion during the past five months and our company is a big and powerful company. Before they decide to collaborate with us, they should have got enough information about our company.

STRATEGY AND TACTICS 1. What is your overall negotiation strategy?
We will choose Coordinate adjustment as our overrall negotiation strategy, meanning that we will consider the cultural differences between Alpha and Beta to make mutual adjustments so that we can find a common process to negotiation. Alpha Inc. and our company come from different culture which may lead to different communication styles

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