Negotiation Planning Essay

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Planning for Rapid & Scott Negotiation In any negotiation, preparation is crucial; and having a set, outlined process to follow when preparing helps mitigate a potential oversight of any significant issues within the negotiation. Following a set process also helps one stay on task and in-line with what the important issues and factors are in a negotiation. In Bargaining for Advantage, G. Richard Shell provides a well-structured framework to follow in planning for a negotiation. For this reason, I used Shell’s negotiation preparation framework to plan for the negotiation between Rapid Printing Company (Rapid) and Scott Computers, Inc (Scott). The first step to prepare for my negotiation is to outline the actual problem. While at…show more content…
I typically consider this to be my initial offer in order to set the expectations as well as the other party’s frame of reference as high as possible. In this instance, my initial offer is to settle with Rapid, paying them nothing, but allowing them to pay only the outstanding payments and then resume their regular monthly payments to us rather than to pay the full amount immediately as the contract states. In addition, because we know they need an application program in order to run the operating program successfully, and because they are currently experiencing financial hardships until they get the program running, we will allow them to defer payments until they attain an application program to work with the operating program (See Appendix A). Once we get SCPPI through field development, we will offer it to Rapid at market value so that they can ensure their operating system is running efficiently. Clearly, this is a bit of a stretch to believe Rapid will even consider it, but by setting expectations as high as possible; we leave ourselves more room to negotiate. My actual bargaining goal in this instance would be to settle the disagreement by paying nothing to Rapid, but also relieving them of paying the total amount owed to us immediately. Instead, we will offer for Rapid to pay only outstanding payments and to defer future payments until they attain an application program which can work in conjunction
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