Negotiation Process, Alternative And The Outcome

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According to Rubin and Brown (1975), negotiation refers to a process in which individuals work together to formulate agreements about the issues in dispute. Both parties should be interested to communicate each other and generate the offer. An agreement will occur once the both parties accept each other offers. There has to be several components that need to be matched between two parties during the negotiation like their interest, process, alternative and the outcome (Neale & Northcraft, 1991). Everyone is dealing with negotiation process in their life schedule in different forms like it may be asking help with colleague for new project or it may be with your family members to reschedule their off days so you can go out friends. It is very helpful to learn its tool and technique to get the outcome we wanted. It is also very useful for me to learn negotiation tool and technique personally because it helps you to deal with the different situation by using our own skills and abilities. It is not only helpful for me doing sales relationship management at my work but also to develop my overall leadership quality and influencing skills. Negotiation tool and technique is an important issue for analysis and design of organizations because it plays an effective role in each stage of project in an organization like preparation and planning, define the ground roles, clarification and justification, bargaining and problem solving and implementation. Organization negotiate in
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