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------------------------------------------------- Vivian Espinosa ------------------------------------------------- A00268032 ------------------------------------------------- TB 1472514 ------------------------------------------------- Negotiation Report ------------------------------------------------- International Negotiations and Bargaining 1. What, in general, did you learn about negotiation from the exercise? What surprised you? What would you do differently if you had a chance to do the exercise again? The MedLee: In Pursuit of a joint venture negotiation exercise refers to a joint venture between a US Company and a Family Thai Business Company. I had the role of Pat Armstrong (Med Device Representative: Director of…show more content…
The Thai culture is characterized to be high in power distance, uncertainty avoidance and long term orientation. Throughout the negotiation I clearly listened to what the other party had to express and I communicated my expectations. I also used non-verbal cues like nodding, making eye contact, and leaning in. I consider myself not to be an aggressive negotiator, so the fact that this negotiation required sensitivity, in the cultural sense, made the negotiating process very enjoyable. As stated in Professor Carney’s class “Successful communication occurs when the message is accurately perceived and understood”. I feel that in this negotiation we perceived and understood correctly what each other wanted to express. During the negotiation I also focused on finding ways to bridge the cultural gap such as best attributes of the Thai culture, I convinced them to accept the US culture. The overall outcome achieved in this exercise was settling for an agreement on the different issues stated in the joint venture negotiation which went through effectively. The only issue that left me a little unhappy was the fact of giving up the General Manager position, but on the other hand we were able to maintain a large amount of control over the company through other venues. For instance, controlling the Board of Directors, we would be able to have control over all major decisions. Also, by reducing our capital investment, we had
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