Negotiation Report Pakistani Prunes Essay

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Negotiation simulation:
The Pakistani Prunes

The case is about a negotiation with a competitor to buy Pakistani prunes in order to use them to save lives. In fact, being a world leader of genetic engineering processes, I need Pakistani prunes to work on people. However, my direct competitor needs Pakistani prunes too and we have to find a deal before the day after.

The outcome has been buying fifty-fifty in the short term. In fact, we agreed to share the limited resources on the short term, and then find another agreement 5 years after because each 5 years there are lots of changes thanks to progress of researches etc. we decided during the auction to offer 2 millions as our first offer, and to make our maximum as 4 millions. I
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At this time, he asked me to do fifty-fifty, I agreed on that statement because I thought that he will spend all his money and I will save some if I need it in the future. The other issue was to agree on a short term and a long-term agreement because thanks to researches and progress, things are changing each five years. So we agreed on a fifty-fifty share in the sort term but we also signed to review our agreement in few years, depending on the progress and changes. My strategy was firstly to try to know more about the other party’s ambitions, goals, strategy etc. Dr Sanchez told me a lot about what he wanted to do with prunes, how much he wanted to spend, what he wanted in the short term and long-term since the beginning of the discussion so I decided to trust what he said to me, even if I was maybe wrong doing that, I had the feeling that he was trustful, he was open to me and didn’t seem to lie. His strategy was to expose the all situation in order to obtain the maximum he could have from me. I think he knew that he had a really limited budget and that the best thing would be to cooperate and not to compete. The critical moments has been firstly the moment when he told how much he had to spend on it because he gave me an important information, the second one has been when I learnt about his goals because I could analyse the long-term and short-term strategies we had to

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