Negotiation Skills : Negotiation Strategies And Negotiation Techniques

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In “Negotiation Skills: Negotiation Strategies and Negotiation Techniques To Help You Become A Better Negotiator,” we are given great insights of how to make the most of negotiations. It provided some tactics of how to transform what is taught in the classroom into workable skills. The article in turn provided different strategies and techniques for various sections, which we will explore throughout. The article commenced by providing three steps that could be used to increase the likelihood of absorbing and applying the newly learned skills. They were: 1) be ready to make mistakes, 2) take a proactive approach, and 3) consciously practice your new skills. In this section, we are given the notion that feeling uncomfortable and learning that we have made decision based on faulty intuition is an important part to recognize and improve our negotiation skills. In addition, it’s vital to carefully listen during negotiations. We often find ourselves as having lost the opportunity to identity our counterpart’s interests. However, in to translate our skills, we need to consciously practice them. This requires hard work and vigilance. In the next section, we are given an overview of the impact resulting from setting high goals. While having, high aspirations is key to negotiation success, it can also have unexpected consequences as stated in the article. As documented, parties who set high goals are deemed less likable those their counterparts and thus are less cooperative in the
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