Negotiation Strategies Addressing Potential Conflicts at the Workplace

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Negotiation Strategies Negotiation strategies addressing potential conflicts in the workplace Negotiation is a traditional concept which refers to the process of reaching particular decisions through organised and participatory dialogue between two or more parties. The essence is that the parties must come together and agree to address a particular issue or situation. Negotiation only becomes successful if particular and important issues are first put into place in order to enhance the process. Indeed, in most cases, the negotiation process is a preserve of particular people considering its intricate nature. So important amongst the strategies in the negotiation process is the aspect of emotional understanding. It is normally imperative that each of the negotiating parties understands the feelings and emotions of the other parties so that such issues as tempers never rise to dangerous levels ADDIN EN.CITE Dess201180(Dess, 2011)80806Dess, G. G6thStrategic management: text and cases2011New YorkMcGraw-Hill/Irwin( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Dess, 2011 #80" Dess, 2011). Most situations call for the peace of mind and in case emotions go high, it only helps to complicate situations. Proper communication is a very fundamental concept in the negotiation process. Normally, most negotiations fail because the participants are never acquainted with the relevant aspects regarding the issues or are never in a position effectively relay their thoughts. As a negotiator, one must learn how
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