Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Tutorial

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Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Tutorial
Prepare responses to the questions below after viewing the Negotiation Strategy and Tactics Tutorial in this week's lecture. In drafting your answers to the questions, make sure that you apply course concepts in your answers.

Part A: What are the objectives of both parties in the exchanges?
Marilyn and Len are both looking out for their teams, and protecting their own best interests. Marilyn’s objective is to get Len to turnover five billion dollars worth of viable accounts. Len’s objective is to get Marilyn to accept the accounts he has chosen to give her, so that his team won’t incur a loss of commission. How would you describe the general "tone" of the exchanges?

I would describe
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He used more than one frame. He used an outcome frame when stating his preferences, and a characterization frame when stating that he viewed Marilyn’s team as not ready to handle viable accounts.
What do you project the outcome of the first exchange to be?
Because resources are fixed and limited, both used distributive bargaining strategies and tactics. Both appear to be competing with each other. I project a win-lose for Len. Marilyn tried to get Len to reduce his resistance point by reminding him that they had made an agreement, and that she was expecting him to commit to it. Her strategy was shortsighted because she didn’t anticipate the frame they would be using, or the frame Len would be using. Len elected to reframe his position on the basis of power, using Joe as leverage, which was done intentionally, since Marilyn’s challenges seemed to fuel his creativity.
Part C: Were Marilyn's objectives achieved in the second exchange?
Yes. Marilyn used an active engagement strategy that persuaded Len to reveal his target and resistance points. She got Len to see that their goals are not mutually exclusive, and that they need to work on a transfer schedule that results in a win-win. She used key steps in the integrative negotiation process to shift the tone and focus of the exchange. She defined the problem, stated it as a goal, and avoided stating solutions that favored her side only, until they could meet with Joe to examine alternative
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