Essay about Negotiation Tactics

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The paper focuses on the strategies and tactics used during negotiations. The paper specifically addresses the use of hard bargaining techniques of negotiation. The paper includes examples of some of the hard bargaining tactics that are used by some of the biggest Internet giants such as Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. The paper also addresses negotiation tactic as illustrated in the International Bestseller, Getting to Yes, Negotiating Agreement without Giving In by Roger Fisher and William Ury as well as Bruce Patton from the Harvard Negotiation Project. In addition the paper also addresses additional negotiation tactics as presented by Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders and Bruce Barry in their textbook titled: Negotiation: Readings,…show more content…
These Internet leaders are cornering the information highway through social networking or electronic technology like gangbusters. In today’s exploding information highway, negotiations are playing a key role in the Internet phenomenon. Although experts claim that using negotiations tactics may not be fair in some instances, careful analysis shows that many leaders use them to their advantage, including the Internet giants. Negotiation Tactics There are many negotiation tactics used by different people every day during negotiations. Some negotiation experts warn that anyone that negotiates needs to be aware of them so that they are not caught off guard when negotiating. Since negotiators will employ different strategies and tactics to help them maintain their negotiating position, it is important for all negotiators to be prepared to handle the tactics while at the negotiation table. According to the negotiation textbook authors; Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, “parties seek to position themselves by using strategic moves to their advantage”, in other words they determine what stance they will take when preparing for the negotiation (Lewicki, Saunders and Barry, 2009). Negotiation tactics can have a significant effect on the outcome of the negotiation. In some cases it can even be detrimental to the negotiation. One hard bargaining tactic is where the other party uses commitment tactics. During commitment tactics the
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