Negotiation : Team Exercise And Negotiation

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MSL 665, Conflict Resolution Dr. Francis Trascritti, Phd. Team Exercise; Negotiation Heather Bradley Belhaven University October 10, 2015 Team Exercise; Negotiation Whether it is at work, church or in our private relationships, negotiations are a necessary tool for reaching an agreement. They are made by discussing each parties point of view with the aim being to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. For the most part, negotiation is the process by which those people involved successfully adopt or abandon their respective position through the use of positional bargaining. There are different types of approaches for the negotiation process - some hard and others soft in their manner of approach. The desired outcome of…show more content…
He realizes that in order to do so he needs to determine what Sunrise can afford and what alternatives the competition are offering. Jim knows that he needs to appear keen to do the deal, but not desperate. He apologizes for coming across somewhat aggressively and takes time to clarify to Ann that he is a new salesperson at Helios and that Sunrise will be his first major account. Further he goes on to let her know that should Sunrise decide to go with him, he will make the account a personally priority. In an effort to assess Sunrise 's needs, Jim asks Ann what features or extras Sunrise desires and what are their priorities - price, service or delivery? He knows that he needs to identify what benefits his deal offers Sunrise, what problems it solves for them, what alternatives it replaces. Jim also confides to her that he is under pressure from his home office to boost revenue in the territory since he is new. He goes further to tell her that while he considers her counteroffer too low, he would love to reach a compromise that is mutually beneficial. Jim realizes that at this point he needs to concentrate on asking questions and listening as well as keep his negotiating position hidden. He asks Ann pointedly whether they are any deal-breakers and what alternatives she would feel comfortable with. As they are dealing, Jim is looking for reciprocation on any concessions like an increased order size in exchange for a discount. Once an agreement has been reached and all
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