Negotiation : Team Exercise And Negotiation

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MSL 665, Conflict Resolution
Dr. Francis Trascritti, Phd.
Team Exercise; Negotiation
Heather Bradley
Belhaven University
October 10, 2015 Team Exercise; Negotiation Whether it is at work, church or in our private relationships, negotiations are a necessary tool for reaching an agreement. They are made by discussing each parties point of view with the aim being to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. For the most part, negotiation is the process by which those people involved successfully adopt or abandon their respective position through the use of positional bargaining. There are different types of approaches for the negotiation process - some hard and others soft in their manner of approach. The desired outcome of these negotiations is a win/win solution where all those involved are satisfied with the outcome.
In order to explore the Negotiations Team Exercise, my partner and I divided up the roles (see Table 1) and approached the scenario with fresh eyes in an effort to effectively learn from and improve upon our negotiating techniques. Upon completing my role as Jim, I sent my team partner a series of questions (see Table 2), in order to properly assess her experience with the role play activity.
Table 1. Team Members/Role
Team Members Role
Ja’ Nitta Wiley Ann
Heather Bradley Jim

Table 2. Observer Questions for Role Players
Questions for Ja’ Nitta Wiley/Ann Answers
How do you think it went? No response received
What went well? No response…

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