Negotiation and Communicative Competence

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Negotiation and Communicative Competence Summary of Findings: Personal Bargaining Inventory In summarizing and discussing the results of the Personal Bargaining Inventory I took, I have chosen six (6) statements that I feel strongly about, each from Sections I and II. These statements will be the points of discussion for this summary section. Section I is a self-rating inventory of statements describing an individual's negotiation style and attitude towards negotiation. In this section, I felt most strongly about statements 8, 10, 16, 17, 18 and 22. Statements 8 and 10 reflect my personality as an individual and potential negotiator, and I strongly felt and believed that (i) I am an impatient person, therefore I do not like "slow-moving arguments," and (ii) I have a strong sense of humor, which, in a negotiation process, could help relieve tension or stress and could help smoothen the negotiation/bargaining process. Statements 16 and 22 talks about power and competition, respectively. Personally, I am not the kind of person who seeks power deliberately. I like power but I do not mind sharing it with another person. Since I know myself to be a team player and generally, a "collaborating" type of person, I find comfort in sharing power and having another person to support me in assuming the responsibilities that come with the power entrusted to me. Given my kind of personality in terms of power, it is not surprising, then, that while I enjoy a good competition, I like
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