Negotiation and Team Owner

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Zhuolun Li 547486878 MIDTERM 2 EXAM QUESTIONS 1. According to the video “The Sluggers Come Home,” name the following characters: a. The owner of the stadium? Billy Curry and Ted b. The Bears owner and the team manager? Barbara Meyers is the owner of the Bears and Al Griggs is the team manager. c. The name of the commentator? The commentator in the video is Dr. Margaret Neale. d. Which character recently earned an MBA? What was his or her role in the story? Carla has recently earned an MBA and her role is aid in negotiation. 2. Why is there no team in the Morgan Hills stadium? The teams owner was died and the heirs sold team. 3. The Narrator says, “no one should accept a deal that…show more content…
How did Ted’s response avoid a mistake? Ted told Barbara that the price is discussable and it may be reduced. 16. Framing played a central role in the discussion between the two parties. q. Described the frame used by the stadium business. Ted tried to adjust Barbara’s frame by getting her to look at the net figure. They use aspiration frame. He predisposition toward satisfying the interest or need in negotiation. r. What was the team owner’s frame? Barbara uses outcome and lose-win frame. She is comparing two ballparks and features. Using her frames, the deal makes no sense. 17. Fill in the missing poll in the pair of opposites. s. Risk vs. Opportunity t. Price vs. Net-profit potential 18. Which side in the negotiations was identified with each perspective? Barbara uses distributive strategy. She focuses on the risk and the price that compare two parks. The Curries try to expand the pie. 19. How did the risk assessment of each business influence the outcome of the negotiations? In a paragraph, described how this factor was determinative of the stance of each party. 20. Each business had a clear negotiating strategy u. What was the negotiating strategy of the stadium business? Collaborating and integrative. v. What strategy did the team owner use? Competing and distributive. w. Why did they get into an impasse? They use different frame and strategy. Ted wants $500,000 and Barbara only want
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