Negotiation between Myself and an Automobile Repair Shop in Ithaca

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In this paper, I will analyze a negotiation involving myself and an automobile repair shop in Ithaca. In early May, I heavily scratched my girlfriend’s Honda while driving to a restaurant in Ithaca. Though I agreed to pay for the damage to her vehicle and ensure that the repairs are of adequate quality and timeliness, I still wanted to minimize the cost of repair. To minimize cost, I obtained initial service cost estimates and expectations from multiple repair shops. This allowed me to negotiate from a position of strength and expertise with the repair shop that was my top choice. After some time on the phone, I successfully negotiated for a discount on the initial estimate. Unfortunately, I still felt that I was somewhat shortchanged in my negotiation. Prior to the negotiation, I reviewed my position and noted that I had very little knowledge about how much it should cost and how long it should take to repair a deep scratch. I remembered from conversation that my girlfriend strongly suggested to have the repairs done at the only Honda recognized repair shop in the Finger Lakes region. Although I could speak to other repair shops, I was limited to the Honda recognized repair shop unless the price or timing was completely unreasonable.

Due to the aforementioned, I realized that I needed to obtain a BATNA (a “Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement”) by obtaining preliminary quotes from as many reputable repair shops as possible. A BATNA is defined as the best

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