Negotiation in Contract Management

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Negotiation in Contract Management
"'It's hard to think of the negotiation process as anything other than a hindrance', but try to view it as an opportunity to identify problems, deal with those issues and lay the foundation upon which the relationship can grow and prosper in the long term." (Computerworld, 2004).

Negotiating contracts in a management setting requires more than just knowledge of the market, factual backup materials, and chutzpah. According to the sources presented in this paper, there are several important dynamics that go into a successful negotiation.
Negotiating in a Contract Management Setting
An article in the peer reviewed Academy of Management Review (Gelfand, et al, 2006) posits that great strides have been made in the "complex social processes" that are part of negotiation such as "communication," "power and influence" and personality (Gelfand, 427).
The authors define "self-construals" (that are part of negotiations) as a "self-representation" that relates to an individual's personality, social roles, stored knowledge and past experiences (Gelfand, 428). The person in a negotiation may not always have his or her self-construals "accessible" but when the self-construal is accessible during a negotiation, that adds strength and depth to the negotiator, Gelfand explains (429). In other words, what the article refers to as "relational self construals" (RSC), means that there are psychological advantages in negotiation to the
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