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Rudolph-Lama I played Chris Rudolph in this case, and did well in this negotiation by not only focusing on the final price, but also on the extra agreement of letting Lama provided high quality work to our company. When we started the negotiation, I suggested us to divide the total price into two parts, the first one was Market Research fee, and the second one was the Lama-Lee’s charge. After some initial discussion, I realized the Market Research fee was hard to negotiate, so I planed to put most of my effort on Lama-Lee’s fee. My negotiation partner impressed me by setting the price at $33,000, and made me think that he had to charge us at $33,000. This increased my expected level of payment a lot. Before he gave the…show more content…
After the case debrief, I realized that all the arguments that my partner used to argue for a higher pay were not come from the case materials, he basically made up all these information by himself. And I admit that it was quite useful during this negotiation because I increased the salary I’m willing to pay based on his arguments. From my partner’s argument, I realized that even in the real negotiation, you may lack some back-up data to support your arguments at sometime, and all you can do is to rationalize your argument. It is not necessary to ask yourself to make up some fake data, but most important, how can you convince others use your logical and powerful argument.
At the same time, I also realized that the negotiation partners are not always having the conflict interests during the negotiation. In this case, for some of the issues, we actually have the same goals. So baring this in mind, in the future negotiation case, I would first seek the common goals for both of us first to create a win-win situation.

Moms. Com Our team approached this negotiation case in a very efficient way. Each of us had a very clearly job assignment. Two people took care of the calculation while the other two people were responsible for the negotiation. Thus we quickly built up a model and provided several options to our counterparts with different terms but same net value of the final bargaining agreement to our team. At the same
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