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Running Head: Communication and Personality in Negotiations Communication and Personality in Negotiations University of Phoenix Marco Valverde January 25, 2010 Abstract Use selective concepts and terms from chapter readings to prepare a word paper in which, the paper will describe negotiations that you have participated in (in example sales, purchase of home, car, salary etc.). In this paper analyze roles of communication and personality in negotiation and how they contribute to detract the negotiation. Communication and Personality in Negotiations The paper is will demonstrate a short tale rather then an assignment. It will narrate the story of how a man was treated when doing his taxes, when he went to do his…show more content…
If the tax prepare had just listened to Thomas he would of known this and could of helped him the same way, lack of negotiating skills and lack of key concepts, like listening, communication and observing every detail was the preparers fault. I used the same skills to negotiate with the IRS as well so they can let Thomas off the hook and explain to the IRS that this has been Thomas first year of tax preparation and had no idea what he had to do, but he sure had been paying his taxes. I did the something with the IRS, listened so I can communicate better and negotiated the perfect deal, Thomas got off and at the end I made a client for life. Thomas also helped me out, gave me the confidence to leave the company and start my own firm which now I help a lot of people and I never shrug anyone off regardless the situation or the matter. If I can not help them I will refer them to someone who can. Reference: Reference Page Bohan, T. (n.d.). Managing Conflict. Retrieved on January 25, 2010 From Hellriegel, D., & Slocum, J. (2007). Organizational Behavior (11th ed.) Managing Conflict and Negotiating Effectively. Retrieved on January 25, 2010from Communication styles for negotiation and conflict resolution. (2005).
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