Negotiations Questions

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Chapter 01 The Nature of Negotiation Fill in the Blank Questions 1. People ____________ all the time. ________________________________________ 2. The term ____________ is used to describe the competitive, win-lose situations such as haggling over price that happens at yard sale, flea market, or used car lot. ________________________________________ 3. Negotiating parties always negotiate by __________. ________________________________________ 4. There are times when you should _________ negotiate. ________________________________________ 5. Successful negotiation involves the management of ____________ (e.g., the price or the terms of agreement) and also the resolution of __________.…show more content…
True False 26. It is possible to ignore intangibles, because they affect our judgment about what is fair, or right, or appropriate in the resolution of the tangibles. True False 27. A zero-sum situation is a situation in which individuals are so linked together that there is a positive correlation between their goal attainments. True False 28. When the goals of two or more people are interconnected so that only one can achieve the goal—such as running a race in which there will be only one winner—this is a competitive situation, also known as a non-zero-sum or distributive situation. True False 29. In any industry in which repeat business is done with the same parties, there is always a balance between pushing the limit on any particular negotiation and making sure the other party—and your relationship with him—survives intact. True False 30. Remember that every possible interdependency has an alternative; negotiators can always say "no" and walk away. True False 31. The value of a person's BATNA is always relative to the possible settlements available in the current negotiation, and the possibilities within a given negotiation are heavily influenced by the nature of the interdependence between the parties. True False 32. The effective negotiator needs to understand how people will adjust and readjust, and how the negotiations might twist and turn, based on
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