Negotiations and Decision-making Essay examples

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A multitude of data can be found online when searching for material on decision-making. Likewise, the same can be stated regarding the search for information pertaining to negotiations and decision-making. For example, a Google search of the key words “negotiations/decision-making” garnered over ten million results! Reviewing a tenth of that information would take a great deal of time and energy, so this paper will narrow the scope and focus on four negotiation/decision-making types: zero-sum game, win-win, satisficing solutions and fixed pie. In addition, a brief discussion on how each of the types has been applied will ensue. Prior to this class I had never heard of the zero-sum negotiation type. When researching the ideology, I…show more content…
In four years I have not had to report one accident to my insurance company. The next type of negotiations to be discussed is the win-win scenario. The win-win strategy focuses on collaboration by two opposing sides in order to develop a solution that works for all parties. One article I found online gave an excellent example of the win-win strategy- marriage. “…a long term committed relationship where issues tend to have mutual importance. When the relationship and the issue are both important, the only appropriate strategies of negotiation is Win-Win” (Menard, 2009). While the win-win strategy focuses on the best case scenario for all parties, the satisficing solutions style consists of “examining alternatives until a practical (most obvious, attainable, and reasonable) solution with adequate level of acceptability is found, and stopping the search there instead of looking for the best-possible (optimum) solution” (Business Dictionary, 2010). In my day to day business of staffing physicians for the government, I often find myself implementing satisficing solutions. I am the liaison between physicians and the government and regularly have to make quick decisions based on the information presented. In one instance a doctor needed to start providing coverage a week later because her cat was ill. Do I divulge to the client that the doctor is delaying
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