Negotiator William Eginton - Senior Vice President : Corporate Development

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For our interview, we chose negotiator William Eginton – Senior Vice President – Corporate Development. Mr. Eginton works for Ametek, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments, electronic instrument group (EIG), and electromechanical devices, electromechanical group (EMG). Mr. Eginton joined Ametek in 1993 as an Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and in the role he had responsibilities in the development and implementation of the company’s re-capitalization plan and also worked closely with Ametek’s divisions to develop their strategic plans. In 1995 Mr. Eginton was promoted to Controller of the Panalarm Division, when, in addition to his financial responsibilities, he led strategic planning process for that business. In 1996 Mr. Eginton was promoted into the Corporate Development department to help build Ametek’s acquisition program. In 2004 the Board of Directors (BOD) elected Mr. Eginton to the Senior Vice President-Corporate Development role. Mr. Eginton holds a BBA in Accounting/Finance from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Duke University. Mr. Eginton also is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). From 2004 – 2015 Mr. Eginton has successfully negotiated 48 acquisitions for Ametek. Ametek has several significant competitive advantages that aid in their ability to sustain and enhance market positions. Ametek’s ability to maintain significant presence in their targeted niche markets is due to their ability to produce and deliver

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