Negro's Complaint

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Question 1 5
Whose voice is depicted in this poem? What is the significance of this choice of narrator? 5
Question 2 7
Identify the personification and metaphor in the third stanza and discuss their significance in the speaker’s argument against slavery 7
Question 3 8
How does the speaker use appeals to reason, logic and emotion to undermine slavery and the slave trade? 8
Question 4 10
The poem establishes a link between racism, slavery and profit. Discuss the ways in which these links are explored in the poem. 10
5. What is the significance of the reference to gold in this poem? Compare the reference to gold in the first stanza (“paltry gold,” line 6) to its reference in the last stanza (“slaves of
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In the first stanza, the reader gets an idea of the poem.

The slave explains how they are forced from their homes in Africa and the effect that enslavement has on all the individual slaves as we see in lines 1 and 2; “Forc‟d from home and all its pleasures, Afric‟s coast I left forlorn;”

In lines 7 and 8 we see that although they have taken him from his home they will never be able to take away his mind implying that the slaves will always be able to go back to their homes in through their minds showing that they still owned a little bit of freedom; “But, though theirs they have enroll‟d me, “Minds are never to be sold.”

The narrator indicates that the poem shows how divine judgment has been casted upon the slave trade and how the love of money dehumanizes the slave traders.
In the first stanza the narrator talks about how they were force from their homes in Africa and had to leave all that belongs to them behind. They felt like all their belongings were taken from them, to only be given to a complete stranger. The narrator said, "but though they have enroll'd me Minds are never to be sold." He is saying they can physically take me from my homeland but they cannot keep my mind from going back to that place.

This poem is addressing the issue of slavery at the time. It was a very big issue and an issue that a lot of writers sought to address. Slavery was not something that people liked or agreed with.

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