Neighborhood Comparison of the Upper and Poor Class

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Neighborhood Comparison of the Upper and Poor Class
Income, race, ethnicity, religion and culture all have profound impacts on neighborhoods. Some impacts consist of area appearance, transportation options, friendliness, safety options, and lack of resources. This week I visited a poor and upper class neighborhood at two different hours of the day. The first day I visit the poor class neighborhood call Lincoln Heights in Monroe Louisiana at 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. The second day I visited a Rich class neighborhood called Lakewood at the same times. The differences between the upper and poor class were astonishing. This paper will describe the differences and similarities between the upper and poor class neighborhood, what
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The safety conditions in Lakewood were up to date. There were sidewalks on each side of the road, and a neighborhood watch person. There appearance was clean, yards mowed and no trash to speak of while Lincoln Heights had trash in many areas of the neighborhood.
Why I Believed One Neighborhood was Wealthier Then the Other I believed Lincoln Heights was poor because of the high crime rates in the areas and the obvious law income. A study by the Christian Association for Prison Aftercare suggests that there is direct correlation poverty and crime (Williams, 2007). People who are poor are more likely to commit crimes of theft, and burglary (Williams, 2007). “Research suggests that people who commit crimes will only commit them if the consequences are outweighed by the benefit of the gain (Schmalleger, 2011).” When someone is poor, they may feel that the potential gain will outweigh the consequences such as getting food on the table, and paying rent. I also believed it to be poor because of the appearance. Through my experiences, I have noticed then when people have low income, they can’t afford most resources to keep area appearance up such as lawn mowers and weed eaters. They also can’t afford to maintain safe conditions and good appearance of their homes.
How Culture and Religion Impacted the Neighborhoods When I was visiting Lincoln Heights and Lakewood, I was unable to
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