Neighborhood Help Center Analysis

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Throughout my experience at the Neighborhood Help Center(NHC), there were many people who came into the office seeking help for various different reasons. I did not view them as suffering from a single form of social inequality. They each had what appeared to be different reasons for their misfortunes. There was no singular race that came into the office more than an other, I saw patients of all ethnicities and races. One of the sole distinguishing factor of most, if not all, of the patients, was the factor of class. Most of the patients that came into the Neighborhood Help Center all appeared to be suffering from being in low income predicaments. They searched for alternative housing programs because of reasons not shared with me. One of…show more content…
I was able to grasp a better understanding of data collection, I used a couple different programs in order to input data and I was able to comprehend how to organise and input various data variables on a large scale. Regarding organization, I was able to learn how important being organised truly is when dealing with clients. When the vistas are organised, it is better for the vistas and the clients as well. They are able to search for services accurately and offer the best solutions on an individual level. Over the years, I have learned many ways to best manage my time, whether it was in college or at my numerous jobs, being on time allows for one to best take care of their responsibilities. This sentiment was perpetuated at the NHC, it was important to be on time because many of the assignments I had were time related, and when you are in the business of helping people, it is important to be prompt, prepared and…show more content…
Being able to understand people from all walks of life, and being able to offer solutions is one of the most important aspects of being a successful officer. With police work comes plenty of paperwork, the data I handled at the NHC showed me how to manage plenty of applications and how important it was to keep it updated and accurate, for the benefit of the clients and yourself. I was constantly handling many different names, addresses, dates, and phone numbers, all of which I had to input electronically at a steady pace. Being a police officer, I would have to correctly input data firsthand and be able to use that data later on in court, or for various other reasons. At the NHC I also realised that not every interaction is going to be successful and most take time to reach their desired goal. Being able to help clients through tough times is a very hard thing to do when there are so many, but when there is a full support team behind the Vista and thus the client, all pushing for the same goal, it takes some of the ease off of those affected. Truly working as a team can make any procedure more efficient and ease the overall
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