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Neighborhood Public Policy Assignment NUR/408 April 4, 2011 University of Phoenix The scenario involved Marcus Young who was hit by a speeding car in the neighborhood driven by a teenage boy named Charles. In the scenario Marcus was not paying attention to where he was going because a dog was chasing him. He then rode out between two parked cars and was stuck by the car. The incident represented a public safety issue according to Michigan Safe Kids Coalition; bicycles are associated with more childhood injuries than any other consumer product except the automobile. Angie Young was very upset and outraged when the teenager that hit Marcus was let off with just the loss of his driving licenses until age 20. She felt…show more content…
The Council acted appropriately to protect the rights of the majority of the citizens who have a different opinion on the issue of speed bumps. The majority of voters are concerned with damage to their cars. They may feel that Ms Young is responsible for supervising Marcus while riding his bike. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children bicycle safety and act as positive role models by not speeding, wearing bike helmets, and safety belts. In the scenario Ms, Young and her proponents of speed bumps in the neighborhood could have went to the media with their cause and put public pressure on council members. By doing research on accident statistics of autos versus pedestrian and presented the information to the council members based on evidence based research; why speed bumps save lives. They could have contacted the local Department of Health for assistance on public safety policy and how to address the health hazards of speeding and bicycles. A person can influence public health policy by gaining supporters for their cause; joining or forming organizations such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). By using the media, petitions, pickets, and letters to lawmakers to all branches of government people can influence public policy at all levels of government. By having an objective, strategies, and a plan of action individuals, or groups can exercise enormous pressure on government to make policies in their interest. Such as raising awareness
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