Neighborhood Safety in Los Angeles Counties

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Neighborhood Safety Los Angeles County The thickly populated county area of the Los Angeles is a point to study the problems of the metropolis. It is the third largest metropolitan area in the United States. It has forty-five cities, and fourteen dense areas having dense population at the central or core city, and additional surrounding territory. The Los Angeles metropolitan area thus has the most populated portion of 'Los Angeles County and parts of Orange and San Bernardino Counties.' (Jones; Wilcox, 1949) Further it is spread in an area of 1,474 square miles, and it is one of the largest metro in the world. Such an assorted inhabitation and commerce puts large amount of pressure on many civil amenities and has its own unique health, policing and other governance aspects. For example the needs of the county in terms of amenities and policing and the population pressure differ from the other cities in the US--primarily because the area is the habitation of the metropolitan communities that have come to gather for decades and have created a unique cultural identity. Thus the Los Angeles and Orange Counties have a unique nature that arises from the inhabitants. Over the years the generations have created a culture in the county that creates the system and its problems. Other than these, floating populations may also add to the situation in the county. (Pebley; Vaiana, 2002) People make up the neighborhoods and thus the safety of a neighborhood depends on the
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