Neighborhood Watch Essay

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Crime happens in every neighborhood, whether it is an upscale community or a rundown slum. It is a beautiful idea to think that if a community comes together and neighbors watch each other’s back, then we can eliminate crime completely. However, we all know that as wonderful as that would be, it is simply unrealistic. On the other hand, it is possible to reduce the number of crimes to the minimum if the community come together and work with each other. Therefore, it is important to have a research on how effective a neighborhood watch program really is after its implementation. Developing an effective neighborhood watch program is crucial to ensure safer communities that will have happier citizens and an even happier
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With this opportunity reduction approach, will help the community become a much safer place with less crimes. The second most important part of the situational crime prevention is that it concentrates on the personality of the criminal. Opportunity reduction method reflects on the standard of the logical criminal. Most times, offender’s decisions are surrounded by their evaluation of the benefits attached to the crimes committed (Business Watch International, 2010). This implementation of this design will help answer and find solutions to current crime trends within our neighborhood. Opportunity theories argue that the most effective way to lessen wrongdoings is to restructure community and secluded neighborhoods in ways that removes opportunity for crimes to take place (Business Watch International, 2010).
Another theory that helps support opportunity theories would be a relation to the “Broken Windows Theory.” Another way that we can measure the success of the current neighborhood watch program is to evaluate surveillance, in order to capture possible crime in action (Business Watch International, 2010).

The rational choice theory has many similarities from the classical criminology theory. The rational choice theory states that in order for a person to commit a crime the offender must be conscious and if the choice that the offender chooses determines if the value is worth risking the punishment of breaking the
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