Neighbourhood Watch and Stolen

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What are the various individual experiences the TWO plays explored within Australian society? Neighbourhood watch explores the individual experiences: Isolation- all the characters carry an element of loneliness. Catherine is isolated through the memory of Martin (previous boyfriend). Ken is isolated, in his own ‘World of Warcraft’. Ana’s angry temper leads her to live in isolation, stating ‘Ana no trust anyvon’ War- the flashbacks into Ana’s past through a non-linear structure project Ana’s past of war in her previous country, Hungary. For example, the flashback where we see a working nurse with a soldier who had lost his leg during the war. Loss- Ana loses her father during the war, we see this through a flask back where the gypsy…show more content…
Through the non-linear structure, this allows the audience the opportunity to see how the characters present lives are intrinsically joined to their past. It also allows the characters to be suspended in time so their lives seem linked even though none of the characters were actually in the children’s home at the same time. In ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ a non-naturalistic performance style is used to allow the audience to make sense and develop their understanding of the present characteristics of the characters. Flashbacks of the main character are portrayed in non-naturalistic form as we see Anna’s friend Catherine playing out the role of ‘young Ana’. This is evident in Act 1 Scene 10 and Act 1 Scene 16. All three scenes require the Catherine to transform into a new character called ‘Young Ana’ as we flashback into the past scenes of Ana’s imagination; this is evident in the texts stage directions ‘ARTUR speaks to CATHERINE now, as though she is the young ANA. The real ANA steps slightly away’ to show the transformation of ANA into CATHERINE. However the scenes are set within the setting of the present time, for instance, the text stating ‘Ana’s home transforms into Hungary’ shows the non-naturalistic setting of the scenes. Both performance techniques are elements of the Non-naturalistic performance style and highly reflect the non-naturalistic nature of the performance. Identify and discuss THREE dramatic techniques used to convey the range of experiences

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