Neil Gaiman 's Snow, Glass, Apples

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Neil Gaiman’s Snow, Glass, Apples takes all prior knowledge about what a fairy tale generally consists of and ignores it. Breaking down all barriers of what is considered the typical fairy tale format, Gaiman does not shy away from delving into the taboos of society. Snow, Glass, Apples is written as a short story meant to mirror the Brother Grimm’s story Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This short story, however, is told in first person from the perspective of the Queen. This alteration the classic Snow White story offers a look at the tale in a way the reader is not used to. No longer is the Queen just this one dimensional evil character most people have grown comfortable with. Instead, Gaiman challenges what is considered typical for the antagonist and offers the complexity the evil Queen’s character often lacks. Gaiman opens with a short background on how the Queen attained her royal status. Through her narration, we learn that she had been just an average village girl when the King swept through her town and took his “king’s right”. Quite early on Gaiman begins this analysis on the inequality that exists between men and women. The Queen never questions the King when he takes what he believes to be his, in this case the Queen’s innocence. Gaiman establishes the Queen as a relatable character because of her average beginnings. Because of this it will be much easier for the reader to sympathize for her alter in the story. The reader is naturally more inclined to

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