Neil Postman And You Just DonT Understand

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Between the books, You Just Don 't Understand by Deborah Tannen, and the book Amusing Ourselves to Death, by Neil Postman I prefer the book You Just Don 't Understand. I prefer Deborah Tannen 's book because her claims about the hierarchy in men’s conversation versus the need for inclusivity in women’s conversation are interesting, as I had not acknowledged this significance in communication between the two genders before. Overall, I like Tannen’s book because it highlights stark contrast in communication between males and females that I can identify in day-to-day conversation with the people I encounter. The structure of Postman 's book, Amusing Ourselves to Death follows a structure that allows the reader to see the evolution of…show more content…
In Tannen’s book, she starts off by addressing the differences between men and women conversate, then shifts her attention to offer a solution towards the end of the book. In chapters one through nine, Tannen tells the reader of the differences in conversation men and women have, and how they came to be. One example is the goals men and women have in life. Men’s goal in life is to strive for independence in conversation, and avoid failure, which according to Tannen mean that they come up with their own ideas, not following others. While the goal for women is to try and preserve intimacy. In order to receive affection, women try to find similarities in each other. Tannen thinks this occurs because boys are taught to compete when playing games in the play yard, and women are taught to stick together and socialize. Throughout the book Tannen shows characteristics that men and women and how they are different. At the end of the book Tannen tells the reader that although there are many differences between both genders, and it may be hard to understand each other in conversation, it is possible. According to Tannen by understand these differences one will be able to recognize them in conversation, and understand what the other person is trying to say, or realize why they said that. The chapters appear this way because before Tannen can come up with solution to get men and women to better understand the misunderstandings that occur, she has to inform

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