Nellie Bly Took A Stand In History Summary

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My National History Day project topic is Nellie Bly, an investigative journalist in the late 1800s. I came across this topic one day on the internet. I was about to google something for my science class and I glanced at the Google Doodle. The subject of the drawing was Nellie Bly and her fascinating journalism career. When we were given the prompt for this year’s National History Day, I instantly thought of Nellie Bly because she is such a strong role model and feminist from the 1800s, and not many people know about her or why she is important. I began my research in the library of Sage Hill School. As my research progressed, I found that Nellie Bly “Took A Stand in History” multiple times as she stood up for women’s rights, exposed numerous scandals, did important investigative work for the newspapers, fought for justice in society through her writing, and defied gender stereotypes. In order to encompass all of this in my project, I needed to sectionalize all of this ideas so that I could focus on them individually. I found that the articles written by Nellie Bly herself were the most helpful sources because they…show more content…
This made constructing an overall argument slightly difficult; however after further developing it, I was finally able to make one that communicated my goal with this project. The most difficult part of this report was that since Nellie Bly is not a very well known writer, most of the sources about Bly’s life and career reiterated the information which I had already acquired. To overcome this, I turned to new sources such as newspaper articles, book sources, and databases. One thing that I would have done differently, if I had more time, was read all of the articles and books that Bly had wrote, not only for the project, but also because they are incredibly
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