Nellie Mcclung Research Paper

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How do civilizations imagine themselves? One way is for each of us to look at ourselves through our society’s most remarkable figures. For example, Nellie McClung, she was many things throughout her life but most importantly she was an author, social activist, and politician.

Nellie chose to capture her experiences in print. She first established her reputation as the bestselling author of the novel Sowing Seeds in Danny published in 1908. In addition to writing 16 books, including several bestsellers, McClung was a “columnist for various newspapers and a contributor to magazines such as Maclean’s, Canadian Home Journal, Country Guide, and Chatelaine”. ( Nellie wrote both fiction and non-fiction, with wide-ranging topics that included gambling, justice, prohibition, and marriage. There was also women’s suffrage, balancing a career and family, and women’s role in the church. But she wanted to do more than write about the people she knew… she wanted to improve society. (Gray, 2008)
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(Gray, 2008) Her zest, her convictions, and her campaigns helped shape the Canada we live in today. But Nellie was not alone. She fought alongside other women – Cora Hind, Francis Beynon, Emily Murphy, and Louise McKinney – who played a full part and shared the credit. “Conservative Premier Roblin strongly opposed giving women the right to vote, and in 1914, Nellie McClung and her fellow reformers wanted to defeat him. They put on a play called “The Women’s Parliament,” a satire that turned the tables and poked fun at the dangers of giving men the right to vote”.
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